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Hi there!

As you may have noticed, this is my homepage. The main reason behind its existence is to serve as a collection of information about me and my work - some people might call that a portfolio. But portfolios are usually kept up to date, while this page is... well, not really.
If you want to contact me, to ask about something or just to chat, you can use the contact information to the right.

career & experience

I am currently employed as a full-time software developer and systems administrator, but am free for occasional contract work - be it software/hardware development, operations or security related. I have experience in the following fields:

  • Software Engineering (C, C++, Python)
  • Linux and BSD server administration, operations management, network engineering, LAN and WAN-scale routing.
  • Penetration testing and security analysis (various software stacks and network architectures)
  • Network software development (including protocol and architecture design)
  • Kernel and low-level development (x86, x86-64, ARM)
  • Modern OpenGL graphics programming (programmable pipeline, shadery goodness)
  • Software, hardware and network protocol reverse engineering (x86, ARM, JVM)
  • Digital electronics engineering (design and implementation, microcontrollers, system modules)

personal projects

Due to being permanently busy with „real” work, most of my personal projects are a never-ending story of work in progress and/or abandonment...

  • CTF security contests with The Dragon Sector - I also built the infrastructure for out jeopardy-style CTFs. It held up well!
  • TAM3517 linux port - boardfile for the TAM3517 family of SoM. Might port this to a devicetree some day, and fix some LCD driver issues.
  • The q3kcopter, an overengineered (ARM9260 Linux SoC + Spartan6 FPGA) and obscenely overcomplicated quadrocopter (WIP, and needs a writeup...)
  • The hacklock, a Linux-powered embedded door lock mechanism for the Warsaw Hackerspace (WIP, will have a writeup...)
  • Cucumber, a hobby OS microkernel, a longterm project. It runs Lua! (WIP, abandoned...)
  • Rhubarb, the start of a OpenGL-bnased graphics framework, some day will be rewritten to support deferred lighting (WIP, abandoned...)
  • And a whole bunch of minor tools and proofs of concept...

Copyright (c) 2014 Sergiusz Bazański. CC-BY, I guess.

Sergiusz 'q3k' Bazański
pointer arithmetician

xmpp: q3k@hackerspace.pl
irc: q3k on freenode
git: code.hackerspace.pl/q3k
twitter: q3k

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